Constitution of Animal Husbandry Project Cell

Objective :


1. Preparation of Detail Project Report for farmers of M.P./ or out side of Madhya Pradesh for establishment of large Dairy,   Goatary, Poultry and Piggery project in M.P.

2.Assistance in sanctioning of loan from Banks and NABARD.

3. Assistance facility in marketing linkage in India & outside India.

4. Assistance in incentive for processing in livestock schemes from GoI/Govt. of M.P. and others institutes.


1. Supply of different category of genetically superior Livestock i.e. Milch cattle and buffalo draught animals, goat and ship unit to beneficiaries of state.

2. Production of balance feed for poultry and piggery.

3. Supply of bulls for Natural Breeding to farmers of state for breed improvement.Training of goat and dairy farmers for modern management

4. Production of Frozen Semen of different breed of livestock.

5. Production of genetically superior male calf of the castle at bull mother farm bhopal for natural series and for production of frozen semen.

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