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The Central Semen Station Bhadbhada, Bhopal
was awarded ISO 9001 - 2000

Semen Processing & Production Lab.


Mr. Rama Kant Tiwari, Minister, Govt. of M. P. Deptt. of A.H.
Visiting Central Semen Station, Bhopal

Conservation of Madhya Pradesh Native Breeds of Cattle

Madhya Pradesh has 4 native breeds of Cattle – Malvi, Nimari, Kankatha & Gaolo.
Infrastructure available in state for development of indigenous breed.

1.Malvi -  


Malvi is a famous draught breed of Malwa. The Govt. of Madhya Pradesh, Deptt. of Animal Husbandry has established Govt. breeding farm Agar Shajapur. Besides above Govt. of Madhya Pradesh has established controlled breeding Centre. In one center generally located in villages, 1 Malvi bull is kept for Natural Services of Local Cows. For Malvi 35 Control breeding center has been established.  

Study on Malvi Breeds JNKVV, Jabalpur 

College of Vety. Services Jabalpur has conducted a study on “Characterization of Malvi breeds of Cattle”. The project was financially assisted by ICAR. New Delhi. The study was conducted with the help of Vety. Deptt. in 3 districts of Madhya Pradesh State i.e. Ujjain, Shajapur & Rajgarh District, which are breeding tract of Malvi breed. The study includes – (a)Description on of Malvi Breed., (b) Body Measurement of Malvi Cattle. (c) Body growth rate. (d) Milk production (e) Fat percent. (f) Gestation period. (g) Inter calving period. (h) Dry period. (i). Draft ability of Malvi Bullock. & (j) Chromosomal Characterization. 

2. Nimari Breed –  


Nimari breed is know as “Biological Engine of Nimari” Nimari breed originated from cross of Gir and Khillari around Maheshwar & Barwani region. The home tract is concentrated in central part of Khargone & Barwani district. The border of Kharone district towards Khandwa, Indore & Dewas has also thin population of Nimari breed of cattle.  

The Govt. of M.P. department of Animal Husbandry has established a Cattle breeding farm for Nimari breed. After selective breeding, males are supplied to “Control breeding center & to farmers also.