Project Components: National Project for Cattle and Buffalo Breeding -GOI Plan

1. Streamlining storage and supply of liquid nitrogen:

This is proposed to be accomplished by sourcing supply from industrial gas manufacturers and setting up infrastructure for bulk transport and bulk storage.

Liquid Nitrogen Distribution System :
State Implementing Agency is supply liquid nitrogen to the Govt. A.I. Center and semen Bank and the expenditure is born by the department and Animal Husbandry.

2. Promotion of private mobile AI practice for doorstep delivery of AI services:
        This is proposed to be accomplished through training in AI practice; support for acquisition of equipment; stipend during initial practice period and; provision for regular supply of frozen semen and
         liquid nitrogen at production cost.

3.Conversion of existing stationary Government AI centers to mobile practices:
            This is proposed to be achieved by providing portable liquid nitrogen containers; supply of quality genetic inputs and authorizing private practice at farmer's doorstep to provide more effective and  
            timely AI service to bovines.

4 Quality control of goods and services at sperm stations, semen banks & training
    institutions :
This is proposed to be achieved by appropriate strengthening of these institutions, laying down standards for bulls/semen and establishment of a computer network for close monitoring.
5. Study of breeding systems in areas out of reach of AI :
          This will be necessary not only to create an understanding of the systems in vogue and farmers' preferences, but also to bring about systematic improvement in these areas in far larger number of 
          uncovered animals than those presently covered under AI. Many of the owners of good specimens of indigenous breeds in breeding tracts do not accept AI for breeding their animals and resort to
         natural mating. It will be necessary to provide them access to good quality breeding bulls to avoid degeneration of their stock.
6.Institutional restructuring:
          a)  Incorporate/nominate specialized autonomous and professional State Implementing Agencies for managing production and supply of genetic inputs and liquid nitrogen on a sustained basis, by
                building professionalism in breeding operations which is highly lacking today; and
          b) Set up a specialized National Body to: 
                provide technical backstopping to the project,
                network with scientific institutions, ICAR Institutes and State Agricultural Universities,
               operate a national   semen grid for identifying and transferring semen to manage optimal use of genetic inputs,
                evolve and operationalise national standards for semen production and
                bring about improvement of our   indigenous breeds,
                whose tracts runs across States,a task highly neglected so far.
Other allied activities:
               Pre-project survey, project preparation and appraisal as well as rapid computerization of sperm stations, farms, field performance recording units etc. will also be covered under the Project.

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