Development of MIS for National Project for Cattle & Buffaloe Breeding
  • Vision -                 Leverage IT for Effective Co-ordination, Monitoring and Planning of all project focus areas of NPCBB.
  • Focus Area -       Development of comprehensive MIS along with a village level GIS to provide geographical context of all parameters of project monitoring.
  • Features
  •                                i. Comprehensive system Analysis of all Project interventions including process reengineering.

                                   ii. Modularity & Scalability so that it can be mapped to MIS of all other States if required.

                                   iii. Seamless integration with GIS (GramDrishti) to provide geographic context for decision making and planning
                                   iv. Adequacy to overcome infrastructural bottlenecks.
  • Objects
  •                                 i. Overall solution objective for this comprehensive and ambitious MIS to look beyond merely coding & technology.
                                    ii. Address ground realities in a Govt. setup & infrastructural bottlenecks and carry out process reengineering if required.                            
             Solution Focus Areas -
                                  i. Quantifiable targets and a time frame for all activity components.

                                 ii. Development of Management Information System (MIS) and install computers in key positions to facilitate close monitoring.

                                  iii. Evolution of effective mechanism to reduce the gestration period of breeding projects. 
                                  iv. Streamlining procurement / purchase procedures.
  • Modules of Proposed MIS –
  •                            i. Monitoring of A.I. activities.

                               ii. Monitoring of N.S. (beyond AI coverage area)

                              iii. Performance & activity Management of AI workers.

                              iv. Supply chain management of LN2 and frozen semen. 
                               v. Inventroy Management for Cryo Contrainers.
                               vi. Quality control of sperm production centers and semen banks.
                               vii. GIS (Gram Drishti) supported Micro level monitoring and planning.
                               viii. Knowledge Repository.

                                ix. Employee retooling and training management.

                               x. Work flow and general activity management for inter departmental coordination.
  • Data flow for AI Activities Monitoring –
  • Monitoring of Natural Services (beyond AI coverage Area) –
  •                             i. Demand Registration for Breeding Bull.

                                ii. Registration of Breeding Bull for N.S.

                                iii. Monthly Reporting of Natural Services from breeding bull owners through supervisor.

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